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Black Dog Ride – 2016


Gold Coast Black Dog Ride 2016 was a huge success with over 370 bikes and 432 registered riders and pillions. Thank you to everyone who participated. The ride started at Shark Leathers with Check-Ins from 7:30am, Ash from Rebel FM was there for our entertainment, Breakfast from the Lions club and the Bean Green Coffee Machine for coffee!

The police turned up at departure time and guided us out of the Gold Coast and over Beechmont. Then continuing on through Canungra and then around to the Bearded Dragon, North Tamborine.

At the Bearded Dragon everyone arrived safely and we all had a beautiful lunch all ready for us to enjoy. Overall it was an amazing day and gorgeous weather and everyone had a fantastic time.


Now some big thank yous!

Firstly Lyn Maher for these beautiful photos, I’m sure you will enjoy them, just amazing.

The lovely Lifeline Volunteers, they work so hard doing the registrations and helping out on the day, I could not do it without them. Also, I am so proud of my amazing Son, Jackson for volunteering and helping Lifeline as well and to Jassy and her beautiful daughter Steph.

Thank you Kysa Girls and Guys who also volunteered selling raffle tickets and doing pre-registered check ins, setting up, organising, and helping me stay sane.

Special thanks to my hubby Matthew for putting up with me and to Mike & Sandy for doing so much on the day and then bringing beers over afterwards, you guys rock! Also Karyn and Elizabeth, couldn’t do it without you two.

Shark Leathers for a huge donation, raffle prizes and also bought a whole book of raffle tickets and didn’t win, next time John Kuhne 🙂 also for the Check-In Venue, marquee and help from their staff as well.

Ashley Palmero from Rebel FM The Rock Station – Ash is just amazing!

Big thanks to The Bearded Dragon who put an awesome lunch for us and to Monique & Mark and staff for their services.

Lions Club Helensvale for Breaky and very kind donation.

Green Bean Mobile Espresso for their dam good coffee and donation.

The QLD Police for guiding us and stopping the traffic.

QMBS as our back up/breakdown support and for a great raffle prize.

LocalSearch for a big donation also and the use of the gazeebo.

Stay Upright for amazing raffle prizes and support.

Harley-Davidson Nerang for their great raffle prizes and support.

Arrived - BDR - GC2016 - 12

Thanks everyone! What an amazing day!

2014 Australian Superbikes Championships

A crew of 23 bikes met at Sharks Leathers at 7am, ready for a spirited ride to Round 1 of the Australian Superbike series on April 6th at Qld Raceway near Ipswich.



After the usual chit-chat to catch up …


… a quick Rider’s Brief …


… and the usual group photo shot …


… Jason Smith, Ride Leader for the day, lead us out.

Steve Chee on the silver Harley below was our “Tail-End Charlie” for this ride, bringing up the rear.


Making our way through Kopps Road and heading out past Canungra, we deviated from the beaten track onto Biddadabba Rd – they reckon that if you can’t say it properly, you shouldn’t be allowed to ride it!!



After stopping briefly at Beaudesert to regroup …



… We moved out to the long sweeping curves taking us to Boonah – And Breakfast!!


Once in Boonah, given the sheer numbers in our group and our need to be on our way, we opted to switch our Breakfast venue.

Cafe 17 did an excellent job of getting us all in, fed, and out again, in a relatively short period of time …


… So it wasn’t long before we were back out on the road again 🙂




Cutting through some back roads, we made our way toward Queensland Raceway at Willowbank.


However, a small oil leak in Joy Fisher’s old BMW, soon developed into a slightly larger oil leak, causing a significant amount of smoke and an unscheduled pit stop.


The guys, inspecting her bike after it had cooled down somewhat, gave the all clear to move on, with very clear instructions to take it easy from then on.

A short while later we arrived at the track, and after paying our way in, we joined the many other bikes that had gathered to watch the days proceedings.




A pretty hectic race schedule was planned …


… And lots of spectators gathered trackside to watch all the action from the sideline.








It was a pretty warm day and it wasn’t too long before the girls swapped jeans for shorts & skirts and found some tables & chairs in the shade of a tree to escape the heat.



…… but it was so hot that it didn’t take long for the boys to follow them either 🙂






A short while later some bikes in the parking lot started to get themselves in formation for the Bike Parade – this is the fun bit where spectators get to mix it up with the racers and take their own bikes for a bit of a spin on the track 🙂


With Nathan Hollingworth in the lead, Michael Newey on the yellow bike, and David Williams & Shane Turnbull close behind them, these guys joined their peers and pretended to be racers in the Parade – Thanks for the commentary Crystal Varnam!



Later, the girls, still in their shorts & skirts, decided to join the guys that had moved to the other side of the track to catch a better view of the action.



Donning only their boots & helmets, they moved their bikes around to the other side, attracting many spectators themselves!!


Meanwhile, our resident photographer, Ryan Cusack, took some amazing shots of the racing with these two guys trading first place many times …





















While most of us faired quite well in the heat, when the clouds began to form on the horizon, we were all very happy to feel the cool breeze 🙂

However, several of our crew had been receiving messages from the Gold Coast all afternoon warning us that some pretty severe storms had passed through and were on their way toward us.

Given that most of us were just thankful for the cool change, we continued to watch the races, quite confident that the weather would subside or simply go around us.





But as time went on, it became pretty clear that it wasn’t just going to go around!!



Some left early, but others braved it out, taking their bikes back to the parking lot, trying to find some shelter in the storm that was quickly advancing.



After not being able to hide from the rain anymore, we made a run for it, most of us getting soaked to the skin in the process, but ending up in Phil Lovett’s garage, a lot of us looking like drowned rats!!



Phil was such a friendly and genuine guy, who really took a liking to our crew!


As predicted, the storm passed fairly quickly with lots of water in it, and shortly thereafter we were able to move back out of the Lovett garage to enjoy a little more sunshine and Race Day camaraderie …



Heading back to our bikes …




… We swam our bikes out of the parking lot …


… Made a quick fuel stop …


… Then made our way back toward the Gold Coast 🙂


We didn’t get photos of it, but those of us who were left played a little Traffic Tetris on the M1, with our core crew landing at The Boathouse Tavern for a quick drink before going our separate ways.

I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that everyone had a great day – Sunburn, Rain n all!!


Black Dog Ride – 2014

Ooohh!! You can feel the excitement building!! 12 months of planning finally coming together today!!

Black Dog Ride - 028


Riding down the road towards Shark Leathers on Siganto Drive at Helensvale, you can see the bikes starting to line up ready for this epic event to support Lifeline in it’s work to raise awareness of Depression and Suicide Prevention – a totally worthwhile cause because so many in today’s world are affected in one way or another by this insidious condition.

Bikes, Bikes & More Bikes!!


Our fearless leader, away for this special occasion at a special occasion of her own (an overseas family wedding, no less) has left the reigns in the capable hands of her devoted leadership group, headed up by Liz Molloy and Karyn Bretnall.


The car park filled quickly with hundreds of people gathering to support this amazing and very important cause.

Car Park rapidly filling with hundreds of people

Black Dog Ride - 023


Lifeline volunteers, along with some of the Kysa Girls, had their work cut out for them as they skilfully took care of Pre-Registered Check-ins and On-the-Day Registrations.  Huge thanks go to those 240 bikes that Pre-Registered – it certainly made our job a lot easier!!

Black Dog Ride - 024


Coffee was served by Kev from Coffee Now, and breakfast provided courtesy of the Lions Club of Helensvale.

Breakfast provided by Lions Club


“Winston” Black Dog plush toys were a huge hit, being available for sale both at the start and finish of the event so that riders could mount them on their bikes as a symbol of their support in raising awareness of Depression and Suicide Prevention.

Black Dog Ride - 034

Black Dog Ride - 008


Raffle Tickets were actively promoted by our lovely Kysa Girls throughout the Registration process too.

Black Dog Ride - 026


We also had some very fun, colourful characters turn up, and we thank them for adding their vibrant personalities to our festivities 🙂

Black Dog Ride - 004


And we are eternally grateful for the full support and co-operation of the Queensland Police Service – it made our day function so much easier.

Black Dog Ride - 025


Many thanks goes out to Ash and Rebel FM for their utmost support during the preparations throughout the year, as well as their outstanding presentation and entertainment during the Registration process on the day.

Black Dog Ride - 027


We would also like to thank Gasoline Alley (Springwood), for the loan of the Harley Davidson that Ash rode on the day – your support is greatly appreciated.

Black Dog Ride - 013


After the Pre-Ride Brief for safety & organisation, the procession filed out onto Siganto Drive with Police escort vehicles leading the way, ready to help us get hundreds of bikes through the traffic with careful concern for the other vehicles on the road.  To our best count, we had over 300 bikes on the day – many with pillions of all ages 🙂

Black Dog Ride - 011


Our Ride Leader (in Orange), followed by the Corner-Markers (in Yellow), lead the pack out …

Black Dog Ride - 021

Black Dog Ride - 019 Black Dog Ride - 020


… departing from Helensvale, heading out through Maudsland,  slowly making our way up and over the twisties of Beechmont, coming into Canungra, before we finally hit the straights that took us to The Bearded Dragon at Tamborine.

Black Dog Ride - 029


Liz Molloy, Ride Leader on the day, brought the Mob in safely to The Bearded Dragon …

Black Dog Ride - 017


… and they came,

Black Dog Ride - 016


… and they came,

Black Dog Ride - 015


… and still they came!!

Black Dog Ride - 014

Black Dog Ride - 006


… while our Safety Officer, Ash from Rebel FM in Flouro Pink, and our “Tail End Charlie” in Orange brought up the rear, ensuring no-one got left behind.

Black Dog Ride - 031 Black Dog Ride - 030


Once all safely parked, we made our way to the outdoor area of The Bearded Dragon.

Black Dog Ride - 007


Many groups were represented in this epic ride – it was great to see so much support!

Black Dog Ride - 022

Black Dog Ride - 009


After we’d quenched out thirst, and with some food in our bellies, the Raffles were prepared and drawn ….

Black Dog Ride - 035  


… with congratulations to all of our winners! We hope you enjoy your prizes 🙂

Black Dog Ride - 018


And to finish off the day, we were entertained by James Anson & his band throughout the afternoon – we thank them for their talent and support.

Black Dog Ride - 010

Black Dog Ride - 032


We would also like to thank Ryan Cusack for his photography – please take the time to check out Ryan’s Flickr Page – see if you can find you & your bike!!

Thanks for coming … and we’ll see you all for next year’s “Black Dog Ride”!!