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Kysa Ladies Only Ride

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Queen Mary Falls Ride

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Kysa Ladies Ride

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Kysa Ladies Christmas Ride



Kysa Mixed Ride

Well the weather was good to us so we all met at the Caltex Servo, what a great bunch of mixed riders! Thanks to the gals and guys for the corner marking and thanx to all of those people who travelled a bit further to come on this ride. Hope you all enjoyed yourselves and look forward to doing it again.

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3rd Kysa Ride

Our third Kysa girls ride was over Springbrook, Beechmont and into Canungra for a coffee stop then off to Tamborine Village for lunch.

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2nd Kysa Ride

This ride is a very special one as it’s the first time I met Liz and Lisa Saker, also Chris Thackwell came on this ride. Sadly, Chris passed away on her motorbike a year later.

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Kysa Ride

Although we had rain, dirt road and cows on the road, we still had a great ride! This pic is at the Beared Dragon, our starting point. Then headed to Beaudesert, Rathdowny and to Kyogle for lunch then to Murwillumbah and back home on the Hwy, good times!

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Kysa’s First Girls Ride

First ever girls ride in 2010 – Yay!!