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Black Dog Ride 2013

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Mixed Sunday Ride

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Spinal Injuries Fund Raiser

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Kysa Holiday Mixed Ride

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Mt Glorious Family Day

Gold Coast Chickies met at Mudgeeraba , with the Brissie girls catching up with us later.  Partners, Hubby’s, Friends & Kids all came along too!!

We visited the Custom Motorcycle Company and then had coffee/food in Fernvale before heading to Mount Glorious.

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Kysa Mixed Ride

Well the weather was good to us so we all met at the Caltex Servo, what a great bunch of mixed riders! Thanks to the gals and guys for the corner marking and thanx to all of those people who travelled a bit further to come on this ride. Hope you all enjoyed yourselves and look forward to doing it again.

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Bangalow Girls & Kyogle Boys Ride

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