Welcome to the exciting world of the Kysa Girls!

This amazing group of women come from such diverse backgrounds, but we all have one thing in common – we love our bikes, and we love to ride!!

On the 3rd Sunday of the month we get out and about and enjoy each others company as we explore the beautiful SE Queensland countryside, sometimes venturing into Northern NSW.

We have a Ride Leader in a Pink vest, Corner-Markers in Yellow vests to show you where to turn (so you don’t feel like you’re going to get lost!!), and a Tail-End Charlie in a Pink vest who will bring up the rear to make sure that no-one gets left behind.

At various points along the way we re-group to ensure that everyone is travelling well, ending at a pre-selected cafe where we enjoy coffee and/or breakfast or lunch, and a well-deserved chat.

Looking forward to meeting you!