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VIN decoder & Lookup  


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10/12/2021 10:49 pm  

VIN decoder & Lookup
Decryption of WMI (positions 1÷3).
1 – country (region, geographical area);
2 – the car manufacturer (if the company is small and produces less than 500 units of vehicles per year, then the value "9" is always set);
3 – the division of the car manufacturer (or the type of vehicle).
VIN decoder & Lookup https://www.vindecoderz.com/ Get a free VIN check with our service.
You may find useful tables for decrypting WMI: country, manufacturer. They will help to punch the car by the VIN code at the initial stage of decryption.
Note. In some cases, the manufacturer may have more than one WMI. But two different manufacturers cannot be listed under the same WMI in any way. The standard stipulates that if the manufacturer "ordered to live for a long time", then his ID can be given to another company no earlier than 30 years later.
Decoding of VDS (positions 4÷9).
4 - body type;
5 - engine type;
6 - model;
7, 8 – any information at the choice of the car manufacturer. For example, the body type, brake systems, cabs, etc. If the manufacturer does not use all positions 4-8, then the empty ones are filled with zeros;
9 – the value of the checksum of the VIN code, i.e. its authenticity is verified. The checksum can be calculated independently. To do this, you need all the letters found in the code.