Matthew Kuhne the owner of Shark Leathers used to be a professional motorbike racer, travelling the world doing the one thing thing he loved most. He is even titled the youngest Australian to compete in a World GP.

Almost 6 years ago he had a horrific adccident while training which left him a quadriplegic. The Spinal Injuries Association have been a great help to Matthew and many of his friends with spinal injuries. So this is why we would love to give back to the association and raise awareness for them.

The Spinal Injuries Association has been around since 1960, originally starting as a public meeting place for people with paraplegia and quadriplegia to advocate for their needs.

Their services have continued to grow which include support networks for members, employment assistance, peer support to assist people and their families with the transition from the hospital environment to their home and the community. They remain dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with a spinal cord injury by providing their members and clients the choice of a wide range of high quality, specialised services.